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How to Burn Body Fat in Your Sleep

09 Apr 2015 | 74,346 Views

Sleeping in a cooler room is beneficial for getting a good night’s sleep, as well as burning more calories while you sleep. However, a recent study suggests that those metabolic benefits are gained only under certain conditions.

Diet Soda Adds Inches to the Waist of Seniors, Researchers Say

08 Apr 2015 | 200,049 Views

It's like a double crossing friend who tells you one thing, but then stabs you in the back when you're not expecting it. Believe it or not, this "healthy drink" can quadruple your waistline - and boost your risk of stroke, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

A High-Fiber Diet Helps Boost Weight Loss

02 Mar 2015 | 226,000 Views

Group 1 reduced their calorie intake and limited saturated fat. Group 2 ate more, not less, of this. No exercise recommendations were provided. Yet after one year, both groups lost about the same amount of weight. So what is this astonishing ingredient?

Fat Beneath Skin May Ward Off Infections

17 Jan 2015 | 47,129 Views

You may gain a new appreciation for your fat cells when you realize they're a first responder against invading bacteria and viruses.

Obesity Now Causes Half a Million Cancers a Year, Worldwide

07 Jan 2015 | 303,015 Views

It's the clearest hint of trouble ahead, a pivotal early warning sign of cancer plus 23 other diseases. Know it now, and you can reverse engineer to get your health back, using these 13 stealth strategies to reduce or avoid the pain and death potential of all 24 conditions.

Global Obesity Now Worse Than Smoking

03 Dec 2014 | 30,975 Views

The global health costs of obesity are now nearly tied with those from smoking, while the junk-food industry continues to claim their innocence.

Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver

29 Oct 2014 | 222,604 Views

If you're obese, your liver may be five or even 10 years older than your chronological age would suggest.

Study: “Healthy Obesity” Does Not Exist

17 Aug 2014 | 40,778 Views

Excess weight without other health issues has been dubbed “healthy obesity,” but new research suggests the unusual phenomenon is a myth.

Weight Loss Supplements—Are They Worth the Cost and Potential Risks?

25 Jun 2014 | 296,991 Views

A web search will deliver in excess of 57 million results. I stopped selling them because they're a Band-Aid, and unnecessary for a healthy lifestyle. I encourage you to stop using them, too.

Why Do We Overeat, and How Can We Stop?

05 Apr 2014 | 278,197 Views

Most overweight people aren't even aware these two things are happening. If you can keep both of these turned "on", you can help safeguard yourself from significant weight issues. Forget about counting calories, try this scientific approach instead.


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