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Weight Management Articles

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Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver

29 Oct 2014 | 134,569 Views

If you're obese, your liver may be five or even 10 years older than your chronological age would suggest.

Study: “Healthy Obesity” Does Not Exist

17 Aug 2014 | 37,965 Views

Excess weight without other health issues has been dubbed “healthy obesity,” but new research suggests the unusual phenomenon is a myth.

Weight Loss Supplements—Are They Worth the Cost and Potential Risks?

25 Jun 2014 | 284,223 Views

A web search will deliver in excess of 57 million results. I stopped selling them because they're a Band-Aid, and unnecessary for a healthy lifestyle. I encourage you to stop using them, too.

Why Do We Overeat, and How Can We Stop?

05 Apr 2014 | 262,698 Views

Most overweight people aren't even aware these two things are happening. If you can keep both of these turned "on", you can help safeguard yourself from significant weight issues. Forget about counting calories, try this scientific approach instead.

How Avocado Can Help with Weight Management

22 Feb 2014 | 314,000 Views

Eating just one-half of this fresh fruit can satisfy you for hours, and can curb your cravings for between-meal snacks. Plus, it helps regulate blood sugar levels. And it's "clean" enough to choose conventional, saving you money. Have you eaten it yet today?

Avoid New Year's Resolution Failure—Make It a Lifestyle Resolution Instead

27 Jan 2014 | 125,204 Views

Have you done this yet? This simple, yet widely neglected step can dramatically boost your chances of success. Don't make this critical mistake that will most likely put you in the 92% group who don't keep their resolutions. And doing this may bring you even MORE success...

Big Sugar Tips Balance of Scale

15 Jan 2014 | 56,588 Views

What happens when the beverage industry funds studies about sugary beverages and obesity? New research reveals the startling truth.

6 Simple Tips to Help Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

29 Nov 2013 | 163,318 Views

The average American adds one pound over the holidays... 5 if you're already overweight or obese. Here are the top 6 ways to turn the tables. Plus, what you MUST do today to make sure January 1st is not a disappointment.

Melatonin Regulates Our Cycles, Mood, Reproduction, Weight and Even Cancer

10 Oct 2013 | 131,698 Views

Making simple changes to your bedroom at night that improve your melatonin levels may improve your ability for ideal weight control, brain health, anti-aging and more.

U.S. Farm Subsidy Policies Contribute to Worsening Obesity Trends

27 Jul 2013 | 42,740 Views

While the government creates anti-obesity campaigns, they have neglected fixing the broken farm-subsidy program, which new research suggests is a primary factor in the obesity epidemic.


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